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Chemical Free Cleaning


Long Island Chemical Free Cleaning | Teresa's Family Cleaning

Long Island’s Most Advanced Chemical Free Cleaning Is Here!

It’s An Incredible Time For Teresa’s Family Cleaning

Long Island's Most Advanced Chemical Free CleaningAs scientists and engineers create new ways to recycle waste, heat our homes, and fuel our cars, we at Teresa’s Family Cleaning have added a system that is old school in a new way. No poisonous chemicals, no harmful side effects, less waste, and a forever positive effect on the environment.  We also are able to offer this chemical free cleaning system to our existing customers at no additional cost. Why? Because we believe this system will enable us to help create a safe and sanitary environment for you… our valued customers!



Our Chemical Free Cleaning Systems Leaves Nothing Behind


With chemical cleaners you may think that you are wiping away and removing any harmful chemicals, but the fact is, those cleaners leave behind a chemical residue that is potentially dangerous to your family. Our Unilux™ Vapor Steamer leaves behind only water- and water simply evaporates!  Add to that our use of Sanitaire® vacuums and we’re emitting only clean air back into the room.


What is our Chemical Free Cleaning System?

Our Unilux™ Vapor cleaners have boiler temperatures ranging from 293 – 320 degrees Fahrenheit. This will give you the highest cleaning power and pressure output. The higher the temperature, the more condensed water molecules become. Mold, mildew and bacteria cannot withstand these high temperatures and are eradicated.

We’re Hip to HEPA: We use Sanitaire® Commercial Canister vacuums by Electrolux
We're Hip To HEPA - Teresa'a Family CleaningThey are a CRI Green Label™ approved vacuum. That label signifies a superior cleaning vacuum that has passed testing for soil removal, dust containment and carpet appearance retention. It also has a patented TRUE HEPA filtration system that captures 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns for cleaner indoor air. Even the carbon dust emitted by the motor is captured. Be safe with the knowledge that we are not only vacuuming your carpet more efficiently, but we are also emitting only clean air back into the room.

The Unilux Vapor  can be used to clean soils, stains, dirt, dust, and more on the following surfaces:

  • countertops
  • tables
  • carpet spots
  • glass
  • stainless steel
  • ceramic tile
  • most wood floors/wood surfaces
  • floors
  • stone/marble/granite
  • bathrooms (tubs, showers, sinks, toilets)
  • laundry spotting
  • cribs/car seats/high chairs
  • exercise mats/gym equipment