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Save Yourself From Decoration Disasters!

If you’re like me, you get your holiday decorations arranged just the way you want them, a year passes, and then you have no memory of where that wreath went or what shelf you used for your favorite candle. Problem solved!

Create your own Chemical Free Cleaning Kit for your college bound kid

DIY Chemical Free Cleaning Kit Are you sending your “baby” off to college this year? If so, you have probably gone (or will be) shopping for all the dorm must-haves that have been advertised like crazy since July. You have the Hello Kitty lamp and the beanbag chair all ready to send off with your college student but have you considered…

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The Barbecue Grill

Get your Grill on! Summer is fast approaching, this means the start of the grilling season. Even if you are the die-hard “I’ll-grill-in-a-snow-storm” type, in order to get the best performance from your grill, you need to keep that grill clean! Continue on with this post for some great tips on how to keep and get your grill ready to BBQ!

Where to store food Inside of refridgerator

Where to store food in the refrigerator

Top Shelf: Milk, dairy items, eggs. Keep eggs in their original carton. On the middle shelf: Non-leafy veggies and fresh fruit. Leftovers. Bottom Shelf: Raw meats and fish. Keep these items in the original packaging to avoid introducing bacteria and place on tray to catch any liquids. In the vegetable crisper: Produce such as leafy greens, peppers, and broccoli do best in this refrigerator drawer….

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How to clean pet stains

What to do when Mr. Cuddles leaves a puddle {or worse!}

I love animals, I really do. Growing up I had every type of pet from boa constrictors and iguanas to guinea pigs and ferrets and everything in between. I am not really sure why my parents indulged me in this passion of mine but they did and it made me one happy kid. Currently I have three cats and a…

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How to dust the un-dustables in your home.

Dust builds up all over time, hindering the air quality of your home and can aggravate allergies, asthma and cause headaches. Not only can dust cause health problems, it can also  reduce the energy efficiency in our homes, wasting money and resources. Most of us regularly dust the items that are used everyday and are in reach: the TV, the coffee…

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Smelly Face

What smells are lurking in your teens room?

What in the world is THAT SMELL? If you have been reading my posts over the last few months you probably know that I have two little boys and not a teen BUT, since I know lots of moms with teens and in a galaxy far far away I actually WAS a teen I have pretty good idea of what…

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Have a stain? Check your pantry!

Over time I learned that I could use items straight out of  my pantry.. to remove household stains without costing a fortune, taking up valuable space or adding toxic substances to my home. Most of us know how versatile vinegar and baking soda can be around the home for cleaning and removing stains like grease, coffee and red wine but did you know you have even…

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